Who We Are

Houselink and Mainstay Community Housing is Toronto’s largest non-profit supportive housing agency. We currently manage nearly 60 residential locations and more than 1,100 units across the City of Toronto.

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A home is the foundation to a successful life. Where a person lives plays a vital role in health and wellbeing. Houselink and Mainstay Community Housing is proud to lead the affordable housing sector in building strong, inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Through our integration from two organizations to one, we are now pursuing a plan to leverage our asset base to build more stable, inclusive communities where everyone can thrive. Ultimately, these communities will include a mix of market rent and affordable units, where some tenants receive support services.

Houselink & Mainstay works closely with sector partners to deliver programs and advocate for solutions that will address homelessness and end the legacy of institutionalization.

Toronto’s largest non-profit supportive housing agency


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Integration Vision

By joining together, Houselink & Mainstay will protect what we have, make our services better and lift more people out of homelessness.

Our Mission

As a first priority, the Board of the new joined organization is working toward a new mission for Houselink & Mainstay. Stay tuned.

Our Integration History

On April 1, 2021, the two organizations – formerly known as Houselink Community Homes and Mainstay Housing – joined to become Houselink and Mainstay Community Housing.

Houselink and Mainstay started as separate organizations in the late 70s/early 80s. They grew out of the need to transition people from institutions, such as psychiatric hospitals, to the community. Many people moving from an institution needed support to be able to live stable, healthy lives.

Today, the evidence and understanding of mental illness and addictions has evolved. Our systems have changed. We know housing plays a critical role in health and wellbeing. It is the foundation, and with housing and proper supports in place, people can achieve lasting tenancy and thrive as part of community.

Together, as one organization, Houselink & Mainstay will be able to protect the properties we own, as mortgages mature and operating agreements come to an end with the Ontario government. We are also better positioned to better serve our tenants and others who use our services, as well as build more high-quality housing to lift more people off the streets of Toronto.

Our ultimate goal is to build communities that include a mix of market-rent and affordable units, where some tenants receive support services.