Meet the Nominees

Vote for Alana!

She has lived at an HLMS property for 22 years.

“I am a previous Mainstay board member before amalgamation, and i have a good understanding of the organizatTPAC Nominee Alanaion’s procedures. I would love to assist the tenants and participants side of the organization.”

  • Open-minded person that sees value in diversity and other people’s lived experiences.
  • Has a good understanding of how covid-19 has affected how the community interacts and participants with each other.
  • Eager to bring the HLMS community together along with the larger community (Toronto)
  • Lived experience with housing and homelessness, mental health and the hard of hearing society.
  • Advocates for the hard of hearing community, children, and people with mental health challenges.

Alana understands that people from vulnerable communities need more support and is interested in how to support people experiencing challenges.

Areas of passion: safety and security of tenants, respect and dignity in the community, conflict resolution.

Vote for Amy!

She has lived at HLMS for 3 years.

“I have a lot to bring to the table. I am a great problem solver and am good at highlighting issues but am better at coming up with solutions.”

  • Understands that community members participate in different capacities and wants to offer anonymous participation.
  • Loves the food program and how it has changed the lives of participants.
  • Eager to be on the committee to bring a diverse female perspective.
  • Previous member of the coalition against poverty.

Often groups can be dominated by men and  she is  eager to change that. Amy understands that there is so much value in the diversity of the community and she has learned that people are human and deserve a better quality of life. She understands how biases work and is able to leave them at the door to make change at HLMS.

Passion areas: Housing and Homelessness, food security, harm reduction.

Vote for Andrea!

She has lived at HLMS 6+ years.

“I am ready to leave my mark on the organization! I have been in involved in independent participACTION.”

Andrea has experience with computing upgrades, technology

Vote for Andrea because she’s a good listener, easy to talk to and is comfortable with speaking in groups.

Passion Areas: Cooking, art and drawing

Vote for Bang!

He has lived at HLMS for the past 8 years.

” I want to be a voice that represents the community to bring forth fruitful


  • Interested in more green space activities for participants.
  • Comfortable with speaking to the community, participants and other stakeholders.
  • has a great understanding different cultures, ideologies, and looks at diverse perspectives and opinions.

Passion areas: gardening groups.

Vote for Barbara!

She has lived at HLMS 14 years.

“I want to have a say in the thing that happen in the community.”

Barbara is pretty easy going and is a previous board member and peer support worker for Sound Times Support Services.

Passion areas: mental health and exercise

Vote for Cat!

She has lived at HLMS for 10 years.

“I am a previous Mainstay tenant advisory member, with experience with speaking to stakeholders in groups and in public.”

  • Very comfortable advocating for participants.
  • Worked with Toronto Star to boost interest in supportive housing and healing impacts with gardening.
  • Wants to increase HLMS greenspace.
  • Eager to improve tenant experience.

Passion Areas: tenant engagement, housing and homelessness and gardening

Vote for Curtis!

He has lived at HLMS since 2007.

“I think that a participant and tenant-led group is necessary and important. “Nothing about us without us”. Participants are not children and can make decisions about their own lives. I am a previous Houselink board and chair member for 6 years. I understand organization strategies and policies.

  • eager to improve the quality of living for HLMS tenants and participants.
  • believes the larger HLMS community can and should to live with dignity.
  • experience with media relations to advocate for participants.
  • very comfortable with speaking in large groups and with stakeholders.
  • has developed an understanding about funding and the priority needs of tenant and participants.

Passion areas: housing, tenant and participant quality of living,  wellness

Vote for David!

He has lived at HLMS for 9 months.

“I want to give input and to contribute to the organization in a clear direction and to bring togetherness to the HLMS community.”

  • Improve security at buildings
  • Bring better programming for participants.
  • Would love to create a participant library at HLMS
  • Increase the gardening groups.
  • Increase HLMS social programs and things that can improve community building.

Some folks might be shy or intimidated to participate with the larger group.

David wants to bring smaller intimate gatherings to get a real sense of the HLMS

Vote for Doug!

He has lived at HLMS for 10+ years.

“I am a previous Houselink board member and chair. Eager to represent participants and ensuring that HLMS by-laws are up to date and accessible to all tenant participants.”

  • Looking for a useful role at HLMS
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science and Masters of Engineering (Transportation)

Passion areas: HLMS Board of Governance, community development

Vote for Elizabeth!

She has lived at an HLMS property for 3 years.

“I have lived experience as a social worker and am passionate about improving the community.”

  • Worked with adults and youth with mental health challenges.
  • Experience with administration support, accounting payroll.
  • Understands policy and procedure changes.
  • Has worked on many construction jobs!

Passion areas: building and maintenance improvement, community building.

Vote for Heinz!

He has lived at an HLMS property for 30 years.

“I’ve been asked several times by participants and staff to participate in this committee. My interest is to represent the people to improve their well-being.”

Passion Areas: music, guitar playing, advocating for the HLMS participants and community members.

Vote for Hoa!

He has lived at HLMS for 10 years+.

“I want to improve security for tenants in the buildings and increase housing and programs for Asian and South Asian tenants.

Hoa is willing to share information with the larger community and

enjoys programs at HLMS and Progress place.

Passion areas: ping pong and exercise

Vote for Juan! (no photo available)

He has lived at HLMS 7+ years.

“I want to help people. My lived experience at HLMS has created an interest to improve the quality of living for tenants and participants.”

He is passionate about improving nutrition for participants and the quality of food provided from the organization. Just because certain foods are common does not make it healthy.

Juan wants to increase programing for participants to improve time-management balancing (yoga and meditations support etc). and food education, along with recycling awareness.

He wants to make HLMS consider how they can do better education about recycling. For starters, limiting the amount of plastic the organization uses.

People should vote for Juan so he is able to improve participant-led initiatives.

Vote for Lenny!

He has lived at HLMS for 23+ years.

I want to share some helpful ideas and increase socialization between participants at HLMS. I am interested in improving building maintenance, HLMS food programs and increase participant-led programming like weightlifting.

  • Is eager social and talk to the larger community at holiday party and town halls.

Vote for Lenny because he has lots of relevant ideas

Vote for Lisa!

She has lived at HLMS for 15+ years.

“I would be a great, compassionate, advocate for tenants. I want to advocate for change for people living below the poverty line and stigma about people with disabilities.”

  • Comfortable speaking to stakeholders and the community with assistance.
  • Wants to create a cooking program for people who are unable to cook healthy meals for themselves.

Lisa believes that people living with mental health challenges deserve better programs, supports and services.

Passion areas: Improving supports for people living with mental health challenges, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, camping and swimming. Working for non-profit organizations!

Vote for Maria!

She has lived at HLMS for 13 years.

“I am a people person and eager to help the community.”

  • Advocate and volunteer within the organization.
  • Has won volunteer awards at Mainstay.
  • Is eager to be a voice for the mental health community.

Maria is happy to lend a hand and assist folks in need.

Vote for Mark!

He has lived on a HLMS property for 30 years.

“I want to take in others needs/wants and aspirations and make it happen.”

Mark wants to help bring change to participants. He has seen lots of changes over the years but lots of things have stayed the same. He has experience with speaking with stakeholders and the larger community.

Passion areas: youth and care supports, housing n the type of care and supports that participants receive within the organization.

Vote for Michelle!

She has lived at HLMS for 1+ years.

“I think its time that participants have a voice in the organization and talk about problems that can be fixed.”

Michelle thinks her voice can offer insight to the TPAC and HLMS community.

Vote for Michelle because she is a good listener, good talker, genuinely cares about people and their needs and can get the job done.

Passion areas: playing sports, getting involved in the community and social outings

Vote for Muralee!

He has lived at HLMS for 7 years.

“I have had a good experience with supportive housing workers and I want to utilize the supports they’ve assisted with to better the HLMS community.”

  • interested in assisting HLMS tenant participants with achieving a better standard of living.

Passion areas: Criminal justice, mental health programming, improving HLMS programs and services.

Vote for Nikkole!

She has lived at HLMS for 6+ years.

“I have great insight to share and knows this will help the community.”

  • A great leader.
  • Interested in advocating for youth, children with special needs, and people with different dietary needs.

Vote for Nikkole because she makes people comfortable. She is open minded and non-judgmental. She has previous experience as a special service caregiver and has worked as legal assistant to the Crown.

Vote for Ross!

He has lived at HLMS since the 80s.

“I want to help make a difference in the community. I have experience with the social recreation committee, Link Committee, previous drop-in operator, and I run the football pool with Desmond.”

  • Very familiar with HL and has lots of experience within the organization.
  • Knows all about non-profit

Vote for Ross. He is dedicated, helpful and knowledgeable. He is an advocate for the community and is eager to get to know all HLMS participants.

Vote for Samatar!

He has lived at HLMS for the past 3+ years.

“I am eager to participate in the HLMS community and advocate for tenants and participants. I am interested in helping people have access to a better standard of living.”

  • Eager to participate in the decision making that effects our community.
  • Experience working with the HLMS amalgamation team and other mental health services.

Vote for Steven!

He has lived at an HLMS property 25 years.

“I am a previous member of the Mainstay’s Tenant Advisory Committee and I am eager to finish the work I started.”

  • lots of information from previous committee rules and wants to assist with implementing change.
  • has a general understanding of organization procedures.

Areas of passion: operations and procedures to support staff and tenants/ participants, addressing housing and homeless and safety and security for everyone in the organization.